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The participants wake up in the center of the arena, a twisted, dark maze. Beneath them is a floor of ash and surrounding them are walls and corridors of dusty sandstone. A weak light permeates these halls, allowing the participants to see a short distance in front of them. Monsters tread on the trap-infested ash, sharpening their claws against the walls, hoping to kill the participants for their crimes. Cameras watch the participants from every angle, broadcasting the participants fevered attempts at survival as entertainment for the masses.

You are a criminal. And you must run, survive, and escape or die a criminal.

Adrenaline is a fast-paced tabletop survival horror game. The Runner creates a maze for two or three players to wonder through trying to find an exit and encountering endless monsters and traps along the way. Will you be able to survive?

To play, this game requires some six-sided dice, a pool of fudge dice, some paper and pencils to keep track of resources, a way for the Runner to make and color code a maze, and, of course, this two-sided rule sheet.


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