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Congratulations! Upon accepting this, the business card of JK Jenkins, you have been possessed by the Deity among Indignity known as JK Jenkins. And the good news just keeps coming! Until you can get someone else to accept this business card, you'll be JK Jenkins. This is the deal of a lifetime and you don't want to mess this up.

All you need to play this game is a copy of JK Jenkins' business card and the undying spirit of the deal.

Made for the Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam.

EXPANSION 1: Congratulations! You Are TJ Texas!

You thought you could get away with this, JK Jenkins? The greatest tax auditor who ever lived and died can't rest, won't rest, until they bring you to justice.

This optional expansion adds TJ Texas' business card into the mix. It'll still get passed from person to person, but if TJ Texas can get JK Jenkins to take their business card, JK Jenkins, then JK Jenkins is cast from this mortal coil and TJ Texas can finally rest.

Mechanically, adding TJ Texas into the mix gives the game a definite end point plus a game of cat and mouse. If you're playing intentionally for a night instead of springing JK Jenkins on your friends, than TJ Texas might be the right tax auditor for you.

EXPANSION 2: Congratulations! You Are CB Jenkins!

The honeymoon period is over, if it ever even happened. What's the estranged spouse of our own Deity among Indignity supposed to do now? Well, if you ask CB Jenkins, patience is a virtue.

This optional expansion adds CB Jenkins' business card into the mix. Unlike JK and TJ's cards, CB Jenkins can't transfer their card until they first accept another card and hide it for someone to find in future.

Mechanically, CB Jenkins is all about the long game. They can't take action until another character offers them a business card and they extend the game by temporarily removing characters. If you're playing a large game and want to mess with the other characters, CB Jenkins might have a few ideas.

Expansion 3: Congratulations! You Are LB Bellows!

Poor JK Jenkins. It seems like the whole world is out to get them. Is there nobody who will stand by their side? There is one, a really good lawyer by the name of LB Bellows.

This optional expansion adds LB Bellows' business card into the mix. Bellows' card is about throwing the enemies of JK Jenkins off their game. This lawyer forces characters to swap cards with them, ending their cruel machinations.

Mechanically, LB Bellows is on JK Jenkins side. They can't end the game, but they can prolong it in JK's favor by  forcing movement of cards prematurely. Whatever plans the other characters had are left in their old body and their new body has to start from scratch. This is a good card to add to large, complicated games that you want to be even more complicated.


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EXPANSION 2: Congratulations! You Are CB Jenkins! 24 kB
EXPANSION 3: Congratulations! You Are LB Bellows! 24 kB


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This is an inspired idea and design.  Love the expansions too.

Thanks! I’m glad you like it!