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36 ancient and powerful keys for the curious and the greedy. Use 2d6 and check them each independently to discover what key has found its way into your hands.

Will it be:

  • A slender bronze key with a human tooth as the bit
  • A tightly rolled piece of fabric cut into the shape of a key
  • A quietly ringing key of glistening silver, the bit carved into half a dozen tiny hand signals
  • A piece of sheet music crudely cut from a larger composition
  • A fire red worm that burrows into living flesh and attacks locks
  • A bolt of lightning crashing repeatadly into the ground

Or something else entirely? Roll and find out.

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D66 Ancient Keys is an A5 document and is 8 pages long including front and back cover. It is system agnostic and laid out for quick and easy access with a doodle on the front and back cover.

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Other D66 Tables:


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Each freaking key is a quest of its own. EXCELLENT WORK!

I’m glad you like it! Thanks for commenting!