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36 sudden and drastic storms for the traveller and wanderer to get caught by. Use 2d6 and check them each independently to discover what tempest you've been caught by.

Will it be:

  • Prism clouds filtering chromatic aberrations into the air
  • Needle-sharp rain droplets cutting holes into tents and clothes
  • A thunder storm speaking in forgotten tongues
  • Singing winds mimicing once-heard voices
  • Grey snow flakes turning everything they touch cold and brittle
  • A fog made of a dying cloud which crashed to the earth

Or something else entirely? Roll and find out.

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D66 Terrible Tempests is an A5 document and is 8 pages long including front and back cover. It is system agnostic and laid out for quick and easy access with a doodle on the front and back cover.

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Other D66 Tables:


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Just came to say I find these D66 things of yours super useful as prompts and a little help tool for writing. Thank you!

thank you so much! I’m glad you’re getting use from them.